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Releasing August 3, 2018

Bombs, mad scientists and cults...

Charlie Decker is a fury, a fearsome creature born for vengeance. Banned from her pack, Charlie built a new family from a hodgepodge of shifters. As alpha of the Harmony pack, she’s created a peaceful and financially stable life for her people. Until all hell blows up in her face.

…aren’t just for television dramas.

Benedict “Jedi” Cacey is the computer nerd of the Grim Riders MC. Starring as the fabled monster in bedtime stories he’s the thing shifters fear the most. When he’s called to save Gerri Wilder, of course he dashes to aid her, only to be awestruck by his mate dragging survivors from a blaze.

Sometimes myths hold the secrets…

Finding his mate comes with more drama and danger than Jedi wanted. His woman’s snarky attitude is packed into a tiny frame, her bite vicious compared to her size. She’s everything he ever wanted in a woman, but keeping her safe is a dilemma when she insists on rushing into danger without strategy or backup. Can they discover the enemy knocking at her door in time to save her and the world?

…to the truth of our ancestry.

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