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COMING 9/24/19!
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A Darker Shade of Evil: A Demon and Devil Anthology releasing on 9/24/19? Less than a month away!!!

Indulge in 9 spellbinding scenarios of wicked worlds featuring your favorite Int’l, USA Today award-winning, best-selling authors where the lines blur between demons, devils and sinners alike. #ShadeofEvil

My story in the anthology is HEX.


The military gave Nina Volkova everything she required in life, the freedom to kill the creatures that slaughtered her parents and an income to raise her little sister. However, when her sister gets sick, Nina realizes she needs more, and can only turn to the one place she doesn’t wish to go, the Oculus Tears Tournament. Losing isn’t an option, but she doesn’t have a chance in hell of winning.

Hex is reigning champion of the paranormal death games, Oculus Tears. He’s undefeated against every paranormal creature that had the guts to step into the ring with him. When the human femme fatale enters his arena, he’s not threatened by her bluster, but he is entertained by her snarky attitude. He also knows her secret.

Will he reveal it to the others—putting an even bigger target on her back? Or will she have to make a bargain with the devil and pay the ultimate price?

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