I’m a Southern princess--haha--nah! I am Southern, but I came from the wrong side of the tracks in a small Alabama town, just 30 minutes from the Florida state line. I have a dirty mind and I’m not afraid to use it. I guess growing up poor white trash gave me a “fuck you and your opinion” attitude because I’m dirty and proud. I currently live in Birmingham, AL and most of my books either have an Alabama setting or Alabama references--but not all.

I say one too many y’all’s, dawgs, and fucks, but I’m proud of my Southern upbringing. I am not your typical Southern Belle. All the same... Sweet Home Alabama, y’all!

Favorite Drink:
Coffee aka Nectar of the Gods

Favorite Food:

Reese Cups and anything pasta.

3 Dogs
Crimson, Princess & Cocoa

Favorite sport:
Alabama football -- ROLL TIDE!